Help for Your Hand Veins

Many people notice that the veins on their hands become more prominent with age. Medical News Today explains that the natural aging process causes skin to become thin, and lose elasticity — two factors that increase the appearance of hand veins. Bulging, visible hand veins aren’t necessarily a cause for concern, but their appearance can be bothersome. 

If you wish your hands were smoother and more youthful in appearance, you’re not of luck. The experienced team of providers at Vein Institute are experts when it comes to reducing the appearance of hand veins. Whether you’re interested in JUVÉDERM® or sclerotherapy, we can deliver the help you need for your pesky veins.

Finding the cause of your visible hand veins

Before you can identify the right treatment for your hand veins, you’ll first have to identify what’s causing your veins to bulge. Aging — and the resulting loose skin — is one of the most common causes of unsightly veins, but it’s not the only cause. Bulging veins can also be attributed to the following conditions:

Large, visible veins may also run in your family. 

Exploring your options for beautiful, age-defying hands

If you have bulging veins, you might wonder if surgery is your only option for reducing their appearance. Not all prominent veins cause problems, but they can be a valid aesthetic concern if their bulging look bothers you. 

When you come to Vein Institute for hand vein treatment, one of our experienced providers will suggest effective vein treatments such as JUVÉDERM or sclerotherapy.


The JUVÉDERM line of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers combats the signs of aging by plumping up the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in your body, acts like a sponge, soaking up moisture and restoring volume. When administered to the top of your hands, the HA creates smooth, youthful, and natural-looking hands by boosting your skin’s elasticity. This is an ideal treatment if your visible veins are caused by age-related elasticity loss in your skin.


Just like any cosmetic treatment, JUVÉDERM may not be right for everyone. Scleropathy is another option. This procedure shuts down problematic veins after a special fluid (called a sclerosant) is injected into the vein. Your blood is then rerouted to other, healthier veins. Although results won’t appear overnight, the visible, bulging veins fade away as your body absorbs the affected vein.

This option may be suitable for you if you have varicose veins. This is the same procedure that can be done to treat visible veins on your legs.

Before and after your treatment

You’ll have specific instructions to prepare for your appointment. For example, you may be asked to avoid aspirin or alcohol in the days leading up to your treatment. Neither JUVÉDERM nor sclerotherapy are invasive treatments, which means you won’t need incisions or stitches, and you’ll be able to return to your normal routine with minimal downtime. 

Whether you opt for JUVÉDERM  or sclerotherapy, you can continue to enhance the appearance of youthful hands at home by wearing sunscreen daily, keeping your hands moisturized, and avoiding smoking

Don’t hide your veins treat them!

It’s not always easy to hide hand veins, but you don’t need to try any longer. Turn back the signs of time with one of our treatments for visible hand veins. 

When you’re ready to explore your options, call one of our four convenient locations in Shelton, Newtown, Avon, and Fairfield, Connecticut. You can also book your appointment online

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