Liposclerosis: One more reason to treat varicose veins

Unfortunately, varicose veins are sometimes not the worst problems you can experience with your legs.

A disease called inflammatory liposclerosis can affect people who have varicose veins, causing discoloration of the lower leg, hardening of the skin and pain.

The cause of liposclerosis is unknown, but doctors have noted that varicose veins, along with obesity and high blood pressure, often are a precursor to more serious complications.

Inflammatory liposclerosis attacks the layer of fat under your skin. It will appear first near your ankle and you might notice some pain and tightening and reddening of the skin.

The symptoms might go away, but sometimes the disease becomes chronic. As it progresses, a band of hardened skin may appear around the ankle and skin ulcers are likely to appear and begin to bleed.

Early treatment can lessen those symptoms.

Doctors prescribe compression stockings to help prevent blood from pooling around your ankles and creams to soften the skin. Drugs to thin blood, increase blood flow and decrease inflammation can also be prescribed.

Treatment for underlying varicose veins is often recommended, including the modern and efficient methods of removing veins like sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation. And of course overweight patients are counseled to consider diet and exercise.

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