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Many people develop more prominent hand veins as they age. These veins are often embarrassing, but Vein Institute in Fairfield, Newtown, Avon, and Shelton, Connecticut, can help. The practice offers sclerotherapy, a simple in-office procedure to remove unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy is nonsurgical, safe, and generally pain-free. Vein Institute also delivers a variety of other cosmetic treatments, including JUVEDERM®. Let the expert providers help you achieve smooth, youthful-looking skin. Call the offices today, or schedule an appointment online.

Hand Veins Q & A

What causes visible hand veins?

If you can easily see the veins in their hands through your skin, you might feel a bit concerned. But visible hand veins are rarely a sign of a medical problem. Instead, prominent veins are often a natural part of the aging process. 

As you get older, your skin thins and loses some elasticity. You might also experience blood pressure changes. These fluctuations in blood pressure can push veins toward the surface of the skin. If your skin has already grown thin, these veins can be quite noticeable. 

Can I get rid of unsightly hand veins?

Noticeable veins can make you self-conscious about your appearance. Prominent hand veins can make you seem older than your years. But treatment at Vein Institute helps you maintain a youthful appearance. The practice offers a variety of options to shrink your veins and smooth your skin.

Is surgery my only option?

At Vein Institute, you meet with a vein specialist. Your expert provider examines your skin and helps you review your treatment options. Next, your provider chooses the treatment that's right for you.

Surgery isn't your only option. Your provider can administer JUVEDERM injections to plump up the skin on your hands. JUVEDERM boosts your skin’s moisture and elasticity, making it ideal for patients with aging skin. 

Sclerotherapy is another excellent option for patients who prefer a simple outpatient procedure. 

What is sclerotherapy?

During sclerotherapy, your provider injects a special fluid into the affected vein. This fluid scars the vein causing it to collapse. Once your vein collapses, it's reabsorbed by your body and blood flow reroutes into healthy veins.

Sclerotherapy takes place right in the office, and the procedure is generally pain-free. After your injection, you might experience minor bruising, swelling, or cramping. These side effects usually pass quickly. But it may take up to a month for veins to fade completely. 

Vein Institute offers sclerotherapy for your hands, face, and legs. If you have several areas that need treatment, your provider helps you develop a multi-stage treatment plan. 

Ready to get rid of unsightly hand veins? Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.