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About 50% of people over the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids. If you're one of them, Vein Institute in Fairfield, Newtown, Westport, Avon, and Shelton, Connecticut, can help. The practice offers unique solutions for stubborn, painful hemorrhoids. Your expert provider can eliminate your hemorrhoids using infrared coagulation (IRC). IRC is a simple in-office procedure that shrinks hemorrhoids in a single treatment. To explore your treatment options, call the office today, or schedule an appointment online.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Q & A

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids develop when veins in your lower rectum become swollen. These veins supply blood to the mucous membranes surrounding your anus. Hemorrhoids can develop inside your body or around the outside of the anus.

They often cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Swelling and itching around the anus
  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Bleeding after bowel movements
  • Tissue that bulges around the anal opening

Hemorrhoid symptoms can make using the toilet painful. If you have large hemorrhoids, you may even have trouble sitting comfortably. 

What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a type of varicose vein. Varicose veins are most common in the lower legs, but they can develop in any part of your body. 

Varicose veins occur when your veins have trouble pumping blood back to your heart. You might develop varicose veins if:

  • You're overweight
  • You're pregnant
  • You often lift heavy objects
  • You tend to sit or stand for long periods

Chronic constipation or a poor diet can also contribute to hemorrhoids. If you have trouble passing bowel movements, you may find yourself straining. But pushing too hard can put excess pressure on your anus veins. In time, this pressure can trigger the development of hemorrhoids.

How can I get rid of my hemorrhoids?

Small hemorrhoids sometimes resolve on their own. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to change your diet or toilet habits. Topical creams might also relieve your pain. But if you have stubborn hemorrhoids, you need expert care. Vein Institute offers in-office treatments to shrink your hemorrhoids quickly. 

At the practice, you can receive infrared coagulation (IRC). This simple procedure is virtually pain-free and requires no anesthetic. 

During IRC, your provider uses a small probe to deliver a short burst of infrared light to the affected area. The infrared light coagulates the veins that supply blood to hemorrhoids. Without blood flow, your hemorrhoids shrink.

Most patients can return to their normal activities right after IRC. But if you have several hemorrhoids, you might need more than one treatment. Your provider at Vein Institute can help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Ready to get rid of stubborn, painful hemorrhoids? Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.