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Varicose veins affect over 20% of American adults. At Vein Institute in Fairfield, Newtown, Avon, and Shelton, Connecticut, you can get help for stubborn varicose veins. The expert providers offer a variety of outpatient procedures to eliminate painful, unsightly veins. They involve minimal downtime so that you can get back in action right away. If you're frustrated by your varicose veins, surgery isn't your only option. Let Vein Institute help you choose a treatment that meets your needs. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Varicose Veins Q & A

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins often have a swollen, twisted appearance. They might be dark blue or purple, and they're often raised above the surface of the skin. In some cases, they may itch or ache. 

While varicose veins usually aren't harmful to your health, they can still be bothersome. At Vein Institute, you can receive treatments that get rid of unwelcome varicose veins.

What causes varicose veins?

Your veins are part of your circulatory system. As you breathe in, your body sends oxygen into your blood. Oxygenated blood circulates through your body before returning to the heart. 

Valves in your veins keep blood flowing in the correct direction. But sometimes, these valves don't work as well as they should. Instead of pumping blood back to the heart, it can pool in certain parts of the vein. 

Back-up blood flow often causes the vein to swell. The veins might also develop a knotted, twisted appearance. 

Varicose veins often result from:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Increased age
  • Standing for long periods

Women are also more likely to develop varicose veins than men. Doctors believe that female hormones, which control pregnancy and menopause, may be to blame. Taking hormone medications might also increase your risk of varicose veins.

At Vein Institute, your expert provider gets to the root of your varicose veins. They help you select a minimally-invasive treatment to shrink your veins and relieve your discomfort.

Can I get rid of my varicose veins?

In the past, varicose veins were an unavoidable fact of life. But today, patients have many options for eliminating stubborn varicose veins. 

Available treatments include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy
  • Endovenous laser treatment

No matter which treatment you choose, Vein Institute provides ongoing support. You receive one-on-one guidance that addresses all your concerns. Vein Institute also delivers comprehensive follow-up care after your procedure.

Is surgery my only option?

Many people prefer to avoid vein removal. That's why Vein Institute offers nonsurgical options like RFA and endovenous laser treatments. 

These treatments use targeted heat to destroy the affected veins. After your procedure, the vein disappears without invasive surgery. RFA and endovenous laser treatments create no visible scarring. Instead, they leave behind a smoother, more uniform appearance. 

Let Vein Institute help you choose a treatment that’s right for you. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.